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Effective, enjoyable, accessible Pilates Mat classes in Sydney's St George and Wollongong area.

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ALL CLASSES ARE CURRENTLY BEING OFFERRED ONLINE DUE TO COVID-19. We are easing back into face-to-face sessions from July. Please contact us for more details.

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Group Classes are currently being held at Mortdale and Wollongong. Group classes are offered on a term basis, at local community venues, however casual visits are welcomed for experienced participants.

Private Pilates, Small Group Pilates, Corporate and Workplace Pilates, Pregnancy Pilates and Remedial Pilates sessions are available in the Wollongong area to address more specific needs.

Improve posture, sculpt and strengthen. Supplement your current training regime or try something new. Practical Pilates can offer something for everyone, young and old, beginner or experienced.

Practical Pilates is Pilates for Everyone, especially:

  • Mums and carers who carry small children and risk back injury.
  • Sedentary office workers who spend several hours a day hunched over their computers, resulting in strain on the neck and shoulders.
  • Workers on their feed all day where poor posture can place stress on the back.
  • Women wanting to condition their pelvic floor (eg: post natal and incontinence sufferers)
  • Those looking for non-impact form of exercise.
  • Active people looking to supplement their current cardio or strength training regime with flexibility and core exercises.
  • Busy people who want to avoid locking into a gym membership.
  • Anyone who wants to improve their core stability and strength.
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