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Many of our daily activities are either repetitive or sedentary, which often results in injury. Our Practical Pilates sessions focus attention on your posture and help you become aware of movement patterns that may be causing discomfort or pain. Many of our clients are referred to Pilates from their Physiotherapists or Chiropractor as an excellent complimentary form of exercise to their treatment.

Many other forms of exercise adopt the "no pain, no gain" philosophy which can discourage clients from maintaining their fitness regime, especially when that philosophy results in injury. A motto in our classes is "If it hurts, Stop" making Pilates quite gentle, while still very effective. When Pilates is practiced in conjunction with other exercise programs, many people find it increases their performance while protecting them from further injury. In our Practical Pilates sessions you work at your own pace, choosing your personal level for each exercise to suit your ability. As your strength increases you can adapt your pace to match your new ability.

Exercise has a positive effect on our mood and the concentration required in Pilates leaves you feeling renewed and centred. This can have an enourmous impact on your everyday life well beyond the 45 minutes a week you spend in a Pilates session.

Many of us feel overworked and over-tired and finding time for exercise is not easy. At Practical Pilates we aim to make Pilates more accessible by locating group classes in your local area. Registration for group classes is by term and if you miss a class you can make it up, during the term, at one of the other classes or locations.

The main principles of Pilates include:

  • Breathing: Using the breath to enhance movement and concentration.
  • Concentration: Applying a conscious awareness to exercises.
  • Centreing: Initiating an effective stabilising connection from the core, our powerhouse.
  • Alignment: Applying correct alignment and posture to all exercises on different planes.
  • Control: Execution of each exercise with control.
  • Isolation: Stimulation of specific muscles back into use.
  • Precision: Using accuracy for effective movement.
  • Fluid Movement: Movement with grace and without tension.

In Summary:

Pilates is a body conditioning program designed to teach efficient movement patterns and develop well-being by using controlled exercises and breath awareness. Pilates teaches movements to originate from the core and places emphasis on building core strength and stability.

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